Identification of the functional elements in the promoter region of human DNA topoisomerase IIIbeta gene (IF: 3.681)

Cho YH, Park JY, Han SY, Chung IK

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. 1679:272-278

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DNA-protein kinase catalytic subunit-interacting protein KIP binds telomerase by interacting with human telomerase reverse transcriptase (IF: 4.106)

Lee GE, Yu EY, Cho CH, Lee J, Muller MT, Chung IK

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 279:34750-34755

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Telomeric DNA damage by topoisomerase I. A possible mechanism for cell killing by camptothecin (IF: 4.106)

Kang MR, Muller MT, Chung IK

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 279:12535-12541

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Interaction of an Arabidopsis RNA-binding protein with plant single-stranded telomeric DNA modulates telomerase activity (IF: 4.106)

Kwon C, Chung IK

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 279:12812-12818

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Characterization of single stranded telomeric DNA-binding proteins in cultured soybean (Glycine max) cells (IF: 3.533)

Kwon C, Kwon K, Chung IK, Kim SY, Cho MH, Kang BG

Molecules and Cells. 17:503-508

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