The p53 tumor suppressor stimulates the catalytic activity of human topoisomerase II by enhancing the rate of ATP hydrolysis (IF: 4.106)

Kwon Y, Shin BS, Chung IK

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 275:18503-18510

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Sequence-specific DNA recognition by the Myb-like domain of plant telomeric protein RTBP1 (IF: 4.106)

Yu EY, Kim SE, Kim JH, Ko JH, Cho MH, Chung IK

Journal of Biological Chemistry. 275:24208-24214

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Characterization and developmental expression of single-stranded telomeric DNA binding proteins from mung bean (Vigna radiata) (IF: 3.928)

Lee JH, Kim JH, Kim WT, Kang BG, Chung IK

Plant Molecular Biology. 42:547-557

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